The overall objective for the project is in line with the European Priority Developing the quality and attractiveness of VET systems and practices. In our case, we more specifically address the quality and attractiveness of secondary level Florist education. As the first steps in the implementation of the (National) FlorCert in Sweden has been evaluated and with the experiences we have made in that process.

We have seen a vocational pride in the students who have been examined and as a result granted the FlorCert, and the FlorCert has also proven to be valuable as a supplement to the ordinary grades. Students, those of whom are granted a FlorCert, we see are the most skilled in the year and are stimulated to further education.

To make vocational education more attractive through a status increasing action as FlorCert, is an important step within the field of Florist and Floral Design Education. Today, the upper secondary level education is only vocationally preparatory and it is difficult for students to show what level of knowledge they have reached before the actual Journeyman Certificate. Through FlorCert even smaller florist institutions and schools working for a high educational standard and quality will be able to distinguish themselves from less serious educational coordinators.

Furthermore, the partnership with KAO in Finland and EAFA in Italy will as a subsidiary effect lead to a possibility for trainees to do go abroad during their practical periods. And the FlorCert being in English for students when taking the exams is a promoter for a modern foreign language.

FlorCert will also serve as a take off in Assessment and Evaluation discussions and as a tool to create a holistic picture of the education where different subjects and teachers cooperate in the education of the students.



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